Types of Squirrels

Types of Squirrel Found In Indiana

Tree Squirrels

Indianapolis Fox Squirrel Removal

Fox Squirrel - The Fox squirrel (Sciurus niger) is as big as tree squirrels come here in Indiana. Three-pound Fox Squirrels have been found wintering in luxury over wintering in corn cribs. Those found below the Mason-Dixon Line may be black above, white below and have white ears and noses, but this color phase is not found in Indiana.

Indianpolis Red Squirrel Removal

Red Squirrel - The Red Squirrel is as small as tree squirrels come here in Indiana and a mere 1/2 pound is considered big in these parts of Indiana -Indianapolis, Carmel, Kokomo, Lafayette. The red squirrel tends to cache its food supplies in hollow trees, limbs or even such non-natural places as the gutters and down spouts of houses.



Indianpolis squirrel removal

Gray Squirrel - The most common tree squirrel found in every corner of the State of Indiana is the Tree Squirrel. of all the tree squirrel species it is the Gray Squirrel who most often is found denning in a homes attic. The problem is they do more then make a squirrel den and raise their young squirrels because they cause thousands of dollars of dame to homes every month here in Indianapolis.



Ground Squirrels

Thirteen Lined Squirrel

The Thirteen Lined Squirrel is Indiana menace in the ground and other then the Woodchuck is responsible for lots of damage in, and around homes . This is a burrowing rodent who can quickly make themselves no longer welcome should they start damaging property.

Franklin’s Ground Squirrel




Rarely ever seen and considered endangered the Franklin Ground Squirrel can still be found in parts of Indiana.

But the biggest member of the squirrel family and a burrowing rodent is the Woodchuck, Groundhog or Whistlepig. groundhogs are large rodents capable of doing lots of damage to gardens, shrubs, flower beds and most any landscaping.